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MELINDA + FELIPE’S elopement portraits at disney’s boardwalk in kissimmee, fl

Disney’s BoardWalk is one of my favorite places to photograph at. The scenery is fun an relaxed, and the lighting is really pretty specially around sunset, and that is exactly what Melinda and Felipe were looking for for their elopement session.

Melinda and Felipe are madly in love and crazy for each other! As Melinda would explain it “Like all great soap opera romances, we met at the hospital where we worked together”. We asked them a little bit about their story and elopement and this is what they told us…

What was the overall theme and style of your wedding/elopement and how did you come up with it?

We eloped, so it was very intimate and personal. We chose Disney as the back drop, particularly the BoardWalk, because we have spent many vacations there as a family, but rarely experience it as a couple. And since we are kids at heart, it was a no-brainer!

M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-001 M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-002 M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-003 M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-004

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

The weather!!

If you could have changed|done something different about your wedding day what would it be?

We intended to make it an elopement; and be personal, but will have a small ceremony with our children on a separate occasion as they are central to our lives as well.

M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-005M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-006M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-007M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-008M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-009M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-010M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-011M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-012

Any advice you would like to give to newly engaged couples?

Spend time together. Often times, we don’t need to speak…just listen.
Don’t sweat the small stuff; half the time the things we think are monumental are merely tiny bumps. And if you are in a “discussion” that seems like one of the “small stuffs” kiss your partner, laugh, make a funny face…just out of the blue. Guaranteed you won’t even remember what the “discussion” was about.

M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-013 M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-014 M+F ©lhphotography www.lh-photo.com 2014-015

I love Melinda’s advice to newly weds and could not agree more!

I hope you have an amazing rest of your week.

See you soon,

xo Ly Sué