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Ava Aerial Arts Portraits Sneak Peek at Moss Park, FL

When Jessica, Ava’s mom, contacted me for an aerial arts shoot I think I jumped up and down! Ava is amazing at this art form and I am so happy I was there to capture her artful aerial moves. Here is a sneak peek of what I captured 😃 


Lindsey + Logan Wedding Sneak Peek at The White Room in St. Augustine, FL

I’ve been pretty silent on the blog lately because I’ve been pretty busy shooting instead (yay!), but today I’m breaking the silence to share a little sneak peek of Lindsey and Logan’s wedding at The White Room in St. Augustine.

Cannot wait to finish editing the photos and sharing this beautiful wedding!

Is a First Look Right For You?

A First Look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony on their wedding day. It is a term that has become more and more popular in wedding terminology, and it is a decision most couples have to make when discussing the timeline of the day with their wedding photographer. A lot of couples struggle with whether or not having a first look mainly because of tradition, and usually they do not know the background behind this tradition and the reasons why it was put in place.

In the past, the groom waited to see his bride until she was walking down the aisle; a tradition that originated with arranged marriages. In fact, the bride and groom did not see or meet before their wedding day at all so they wouldn’t have be able to back out once they saw what each other looked like. Crazy right!? I believe that is a couple’s personal decision whether or not to have a first look, and I also believe in educating and preparing my clients so that they can make the best decisions related to their wedding. Even though I waited to see my husband until I walked down the aisle 11 years ago, I wouldn’t have done so if someone would have taken the time to explain the real purpose behind this tradition, and the benefits of having a first look. Also, all I wanted to do when I walked down the aisle was to hug him, kiss him, tell him how much I loved him and how handsome he looked, ask him if he liked how I looked and just be together. Instead, all we got to do was hold hands and the ceremony began. Based on my experience as a past bride and as a photographer, I strongly believe having a first look is the best option for several reasons. Here are a few:

1. You get the chance to share a special private moment of connection between the two of you…

One thing any wedding vendor knows for a fact, is that a wedding day is hectic, especially after the ceremony, and most couples do not get to stop and talk to each other privately and share the emotions and feelings they are experiencing. Once you walk down the aisle every moment is very scheduled and sometimes even rehearsed. Every time that I shoot a First Look it’s so special because the bride and the groom get to express their feelings without all the guests present and looking which puts pressure on the couple. It is one of my favorite moments of the day because the moment is that special and the connection I get to capture is so real! After the First Look we usually take photos of the bride and groom during and after so that your couple portraits are out of the way. We also like to photograph the bridal party right after the First Look; that way the bridal party can get to enjoy the cocktail hour.

2. Enjoy more time…

You can get your formal photos out of the way before the ceremony. After the First Look, we usually take photos of the bride and groom so that your couple portraits are out of the way. We also like to photograph the bridal party and your family right after the First Look so that way the bridal party and your family can get to enjoy the cocktail hour. The bridal party and family can wait in transportation or meet the couple at the First Look location.

Below are two scenarios showing a schedule with and without a First Look…

Photography portrait schedule if you do a First Look:

– (2.5 hours before ceremony) First look then Bride & Groom portraits alone
– (1.5 hours before the ceremony) Bride & Groom portraits with bridal party
– (1 hour before the ceremony) Portraits with families
* You will be done with portraits approximately 30 min before the ceremony giving you time to freshen up and get ready to walk down the aisle.

Photography portrait schedule if you don’t do a First Look:

– (1 .5 hours before ceremony) Bride and Bridesmaids portraits
– (1 hour before ceremony) Groom and Groomsmen portraits
– (30 min. before the ceremony) Pause portraits to give you time to freshen up.   At this time guest start to arrive.
– (Right after the ceremony) Family portraits
– (30 min. after ceremony) Bridal party portraits
– (1 hour after ceremony) Bride and Groom portraits alone
– (1.5 hours after ceremony) Done with portraits

3. You will be able to attend the cocktail hour…

One of the main concerns of couples that choose not to do a First Look is not being able to enjoy the cocktail hour and greet their guests, and that is a legitimate concern because most likely they will not be able to do so due to time restraints. When we do the majority of the photos before the ceremony, the schedule opens up more allowing you to attend some if not all of the cocktail hour to enjoy some time with your guests, bridal party, and family.

4. You will feel more relaxed and able to you enjoy the rest of your day and soak it all in…

One of the things I hear the most from my couples is that after the First Look their stress went away and that their nerves were gone for the ceremony. Like I mentioned before, a wedding day is very scheduled after the ceremony, and most couples do not get a chance to soak it all in by themselves. A First Look allows you to do that, and in addition, you will get beautiful photos of that special moment.

Those are my top reasons why I believe a First Look is the way to go based on my experience as a bride first and as a photographer; it is now up to you to balance the pros and the cons, and see if a First Look is right for you. If after balancing the options, you are not set on having a First Look, then make sure you communicate this to your photographer so that they can help you come up with the best wedding day timeline. As for myself, I go with what your wishes are, so if a couple decides they don’t want a First Look, I will help them come up with the ideal timeline that accommodates their wishes as best possible; after all it is your wedding and I am there to guide, support you, and capture all the beautiful moments of your union.

Talking about beautiful moments, here are some photos we have captured of our couples during their First Look…

I would love to hear your comments and questions in the comments section below!

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 xo, Ly Sué




Captured and Engaged Giveaway

Hi there! 2016 sure is off to a great start, and I am beyond thrilled to share some of the exciting projects in the works here at LH PHOTOGRAPHY!
So without further ado… (drumroll, please!)

We’ve partnered with Eleven Note, The Busy Bee Events and Design, and an amazing team of wedding creatives for a unique Engagement Session Series Giveaway called CAPTURED & ENGAGED!  Myself along with a team of hand picked wedding artists will professionally style and photograph the engagement session of four madly in love couples throughout 2016.

Our first giveaway called “Home Is Wherever I’m With You” is an at home engagement session, and you can enter to win today!

Enter the giveaway and read more about our vision below, and stay tuned as we announce the amazing wedding creatives that will be joining us for Captured & Engaged!

How to enter:

Fill out this questionnaire to officially enter

What are your names?

Your Email

Instagram Profile

Mailing Address

Wedding Date

Wedding Venue

Have you hired any wedding professionals at this point? If so, please list their name(s) and role(s) below:

Attach a picture of yourself and your fiancé doing your favorite activity together at home

Tell us about yourselves, and what do you love most about doing this activity together.

Good luck!!!

The giveaway will close on Feb 8th  2016, and the winner will be announced on Instagram on Feb 14th 2016!

 Our Vision and Inspiration:

Captured & Engaged is the tale of four recently engaged couples deeply captured by their love for one another. It’s a story of their journey of engagement as they prepare to share the rest of their lives together and is designed to inspire other recently engaged couples considering ways to celebrate their love. It provides an opportunity for real couples to share their love stories with the world, told through inspirational compositions designed, styled, and captured by a hand selected team of wedding creatives! Our first giveaway, “Home Is Wherever I’m With You”, will tell the story of a couple through beautiful imagery in an at home setting focusing on their bond and love for one another!

Some terms & conditions:

  • The couple must be available all day in Central Florida the day of the photoshoot on Thursday March 31st 2016.
  • Only one entry per couple
  • This contest is open to all couples over the age of 21
  • Liability will not be assumed for any entries lost in transit or not received due to technical difficulties
  • Couples that have already booked with LH Photography, Eleven Note, or The Busy Bee Events and Design or that are in an existing contract with another photographer, stationer, or event planner cannot apply to win.
  • Only the couple might be present the day of the engagement session.
  • Any travel expenses must be covered by the couple.

Cannot wait to hear from you!


Ly Sué, Siuleth, Shannon, and Jenna

NATALIA’S senior portraits at The Alfond Inn in Winter Park, FL

It’s been a little while since I posted on the blog, and I am getting caught up with the photos I haven’t posted yet so without further due, today I am sharing Natalia’s senior portraits at the Alfond Inn!

Natalia is a natural in front of the camera, and had so many good suggestions for her photos. I love when my clients suggest ideas, and we are able to incorporate them; it makes the photo session so much more personal and tailored to them.

Natalia carefully curated her outfits and accessories to reflect her love for fashion, so we focused on capturing the beautiful outfits she put together, and most importantly her shining personality.

We chose The Alfond Inn because it is one of her favorite landmarks in the Winter Park area, and because she loves visiting and shopping around there. We also captured a couple of shots of her with her little sister Adriana and her family.

Natalia, I wish you the best at UCF and officially welcome you as a “Knight” 😉


Ly Sué

natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-001 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-002 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-003 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-004 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-005 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-006 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-007 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-008 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-009 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-010 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-011 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-012 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-013 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-014 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-015 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-016 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-017 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-018 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-019 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-020 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-021 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-022

MAURICIO’S CAKE SMASH portraits in Lake Nona, FL

When Linnette told me she wanted me to take photos of Mauricio I was thrilled. It seemed like yesterday when I took photos of him as a newborn, and now I was able to document his first year! What an honor!

In addition to Mauricio “smashing” a mini cake, she wanted me to take photos of different things he enjoys along with portraits of just him and his cute expressions. She sewed clouds, the number one, and had several items he liked ready for him to play with at the session, and we had the greatest time capturing him just being himself! The one thing that we did not expect was Mauricio’s reaction to smashing the cake; he was not so thrilled and actually cried! After all, who wants to get their hands dirty right?!

In addition to documenting this big step for Mauricio, Linnette also wanted the photos to be able to create an infographic to give to Mauricio’s birthday party guests as a keepsake. This was a such a great idea, and Siuleth with Eleven Note designed the coolest infographic for them! I love it when my photos get printed and used in unique ways like this!

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the photos to see what she created.

mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-001 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-002 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-003 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-004 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-005 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-006 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-007 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-008 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-009 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-010 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-011 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-012 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-013 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-014 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-015 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-016 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-017 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-018 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-019


I hope you guys have a great rest of your week!


Ly Sué

NOELLA + PATRICK’S VINTAGE GLAM wedding at wild acres villa in paisley, fl

Noella and Patrick met through mutual friends on a blind date. Noella’s only requirement to agree to the blind date was that he owned dogs. Well guess what, he was indeed a dog owner, and since that blind date they fell in love and never looked back!

Their wedding was truly beautiful. Noella, being an interior designer, had a great vision for the style and feel of their wedding.

I asked her to share a little bit about about their wedding story, details, and some advice for newly wed couples, and here is what she told us…

• what was the overall theme and style of your wedding and how did you come up with it?

Organic/vintage/glam. The idea was to branch away from the idea of a typical wedding venue. We wanted our guests to feel like they were transported to a Remote city in Europe. Having studied architecute in school, I feel in love with the European villa located in the Ocala national forest. The villa has so many artistic details from the stained glass windows, barrel vault ceilings, and vintage furniture pieces. the outdoor element reminded Patrick of family vacations on the farm outside of Charleston. The venue holds special resemblance for the both of us and was a perfect back drop to begin layering the design details of our wedding.

The idea was to contrast the old world feeling of the villa with sparkly glam moments creating a dichotomy between the old structure and new modern design elements.

Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-001 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-002 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-003 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-004 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-005 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-006 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-007 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-008 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-009 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-010 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-011 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-012 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-013 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-014 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-015 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-016 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-017 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-018 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-019 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-020 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-021 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-022 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-023 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-024 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-025 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-026 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-027

  • did you have any unique details|traditions at your wedding?

The bridesmaids carried vintage parasols instead of bouquets. We had an ink bar where guests could sign their message in an artistic way using stamps or various speciality pens.

Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-028 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-029 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-030 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-031 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-032 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-033 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-034 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-035 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-036 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-037 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-038 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-039 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-040 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-041 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-042 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-043 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-044 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-045 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-046 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-047 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-048 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-049 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-050 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-051 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-052 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-053 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-054 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-055 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-056 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-057 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-058 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-059 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-060 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-061 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-062 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-063 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-064 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-065 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-066 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-067

  • what was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My sister maid of honor hired a massage therapist to massage our feet while getting our hair done. It was divine!!!

Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-068 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-069 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-070 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-071 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-072 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-073 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-074 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-075 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-076 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-077 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-078 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-079 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-080 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-081 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-082 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-083

  • if you could have changed|done something different about your wedding day what would it be?

I would have hired anonther assistant. Having your wedding in a secluded forest means it’s harder to get your hands on necessary items like water!!!

  • any advice you would like to give to newly engaged couples?

Enjoy the planning/design process. Start gathering photos, pinterest boards, and looking at wedding blogs as early as possible. This will help inform decisions of the overall look/mood of your wedding.

Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-084 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-086 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-087 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-088 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-089 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-090 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-091 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-092 Noella + Patrick_wedding_wildacresvilla ©lhphotography 2014-093

This wedding is truly one of my favorites to date. The attention to detail and the overall feel of family unity is so tangible. Weddings to me, are all about that making your day unique to you, and  celebrating with family and friends the bond and union to your soul mate.

Here is a list of all the wedding professionals that made this wedding happen:

photography: LH Photography http://lh-photo.com/ | venue: Wild Acres Villa http://www.wildacresfarms.com | coordination: Busy Bee Brides http://www.busybridedesign.com | hair stylist and makeup artist: Noreen Lovestrand https://www.facebook.com/HairByNoreenLovestrand | catering: Puff n’ Stuff http://puffnstuff.com/ | dj: Soundwave Entertainment http://www.djsoundwave.net/ | florist: Stems and Things http://www.stemsandthings.com/ | cake: Sweet Art by Olivia http://sweetartbyolivia.com/ | stationery: Eleven Note http://www.eleven-note.com/ | Photo Booth: The Banter Booth http://www.thebanterbooth.com/ | officiant: Lewis Hendershot | vases, accent chairs, accent tables: Wish Vintage Rentals http://wishvintagerentals.com/ | chairs: A Chair Affair http://chairaffairrentals.com/


MODERN LUXE EDITORIAL behind the scenes

There is so much that goes into planning an editorial shoot from gathering a team and preparations to the actual execution of all the details the day of. Usually we only share the finished product, but I think the process is just as beautiful. That is why I want to share some photos we took during the process of all the wedding professionals setting up and working together towards the finished product.

MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-001 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-002 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-003 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-004 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-005 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-006 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-007 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-008 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-009 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-010 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-011 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-012 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-013 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-014 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-015 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-016 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-017 MODERN LUXE wedding behind the scenes www.lh-photo.com 2014-018

photography & concept: lh photography | videographer: bright frame films | venue: snap! space |
event design, florals & concept:
ashton events planning and design | furniture rentals & concept: wish vintage rentals | hair, makeup, & nails: ali lee artistry | stationery, favors & concept:eleven note | cake & sweets: the pastry studio | hor d’ oeuvres: arthur’s catering | cocktails: the courtesy bar | dinnerware & drinkware: dishie rentals | wedding dress: malindy elene bridal | jewelry: sommi jewelry | model: joy mayfield | custom veil: olivia gray


i am so excited to finally share our modern luxe wedding editorial shoot with you; it was published in 100 layer cake and we are ecstatic with the feature!

as you might know, along with shooting weddings, i love styling and collaborating with other creatives to create amazing inspirational wedding editorial photo shoots to inspire brides to be. this past summer, my friend siuleth and i got together to brainstorm ideas, and we came up with the theme “modern luxe” inspired by the industrial beauty of snap! space. as we’ve been wanting to collaborate with laura of ashton events for a long time, we invited her to join the team. after a brainstorming session at snap with laura and lisa, we came up with some amazing ideas of how to use the space in unique ways to showcase the raw beauty of it while creating unique vignettes.

modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-004modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-002 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-003

the angular nature of the different elements of the shoot was inspired by the jewelry line of alexandra of sommi jewelry. you can see these elements throughout in the cake wall, the invitation suite, the guest table, and the ceremony area as well as in the little details. i love the idea of drawing inspiration from the unexpected such as a modern jewelry line!

modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-005 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-006 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-007 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-008

the overall color palette was black, white, gold with touches of cranberry. these colors were carefully chosen to contrast with the white brick walls and exposed cement of the venue.

modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-009 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-010 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-011

laura created an angled metal detail on the wall of the cake area by mixing metal finishes and attaching flowers to it. the cake was purposefully off centered on the wall to create an asymmetrical balance with the wall detail.

modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-012 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-013 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-014 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-015 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-016 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-017 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-018 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-019 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-020 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-021the idea for the guest table area was to create a unique interactive experience in which guest could serve themselves by putting the hour d’ oeuvres and cocktails in between the two tables. two of my favorite details were the hanging menu and guest benches, so unexpected and so unique!

modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-022 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-023 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-024 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-025 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-026 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-027 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-028 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-029 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-030 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-031 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-032 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-033 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-034 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-035 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-036 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-037 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-038 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-039 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-040

the ceremony area decor was a play of angles and balanced asymmetry by having the florals cascade from the black ladder and providing balance with the beautiful cinder block display. the black angled rug made the bride’s gown really pop!

modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-041 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-042 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-043 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-044 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-045 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-046

the invitation suite designed by eleven note was beautifully bold and unique, and really brought all of the elements of the shoot together!

modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-047 modern luxe wedding editorial ©lhphotography 2014-048

asha of bright frame films captured the essence of the shoot in this amazing video!

i hope you enjoyed the photos and insight to our shoot. oh, and make sure you check out the feature on 100 layer cake! next week we will be sharing some behind-the-scenes photos of all the vendors in action… see you then!

here are the amazing creatives that made it all happen:

photography & concept: lh photography | videographer: bright frame films | venue: snap! space |
event design, florals & concept: ashton events planning and design | furniture rentals & concept: wish vintage rentals | hair, makeup, & nails: ali lee artistry | stationery, favors & concept:eleven note | cake & sweets: the pastry studio | hor d’ oeuvres: arthur’s catering | cocktails: the courtesy bar | dinnerware & drinkware: dishie rentals | wedding dress: malindy elene bridal | jewelry: sommi jewelry | model: joy mayfield | custom veil: olivia gray

LH PHOTOGRAPHY website and blog redesign and promo film!

over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working non-stop to redesign the look of our website and blog. we wanted them to have cleaner aesthetic to better represent our photography brand and style. that is why we went with a simple design that really showcased the photography and information. along with the redesign, we partnered up with asha of bright frame films to create a promo video so that you can see us in action and learn a little bit more about our personality. we wanted the film to be an insight into a day in our lives, our photography style, and us as a couple. we visited the east end market, one of our absolute favorite places in orlando, and later we went to the orlando wetlands park to photograph a newlywed couple, ameer and lyndie. despite the humidity and mild rain, asha was able to capture what we are all about, and she blew us away with the results! feel free to view the video below, and learn a little bit more about us!

and here some behind the scenes photos of the shoot!

promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-001promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-002promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-003promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-004promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-005

the same day asha filmed our video, we shot some self-portraits so that we could update the photos for the about us section of our website. we found a great spot near our house and set up the tripod with the camera and the shutter timer. anybody passing by would’ve laughed seeing me walk back and forth to the camera, and my husband standing still to set up each photo. it was a workout for sure, but it led to really natural photos since we were literally laughing out loud because of the ridiculousness of it all! here are some of our favorite photos we captured.

promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-006promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-007promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-008promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-009promoshoot_lhphotography 2015-010

we really hope you enjoy our new website and blog, and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.