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ART IN LIFE fine art photography at bella collina in montverde, fl

This past month I was invited to participate in Bella Collina’s Art in Life photography exhibition.
When I received the invitation from Paula of Posh Able Events to participate, I was ecstatic and honored! As Paula explained, The Art-In-Life Exhibition called upon a select list of Central Florida Fine Art Photographers to share their talents in showcasing the natural beauty, architectural splendor and lifestyle of Bella Collina through artistic photography.As Bella Collina is one of my favorite wedding venues, I was challenged to come up with beautiful imagery that really represented its beauty.

BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0001

BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0002 BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0003 BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0004 BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0005
When walking the grounds, you get a sense of peace, and I really wanted to showcase that in my photographs.
I also wanted to showcase the beautiful carefully thought out architecture, and the amenities there are for the residents and members of the club.
To achieve this, I focused on layers and angles to convey what I was feeling, and to draw the viewer into the composition.
BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0006
The symmetry and lines of the bell tower from down below are just beautiful and intriguing.
BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0007
There is a beautiful mixture of nature, earth, and sky throughout Bella Collina that I wanted to sum up in a photo, so to do so I shot about 10 times to come up with this double exposure of the grass and skies, and this might be my favorite photo!
BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0008 BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0009
The juxtaposition of nature and architecture is very prominent throughout Bella Collina, and I wanted to pay homage to it in my photos.
When I saw the free flowing grass and the clubhouse in the distance I knew I needed to showcase that.
BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0010 BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0011 BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0012 BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0013 BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0014 BELLA COLLINA fine art photography orlando © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-0015

I got lucky it had stopped raining, and I was able to shoot the skies and wrought iron detail through this water puddle!I really love how free I felt to photograph and be creative, and I thank Paula , Bella Collina, and the Artistic Ambassadors for letting me be part of this amazing art exhibition.

Ly Sué

ANGEL + RYAN married

angel & ryan’s wedding was filled with amazing little dyi details. as angel (also an interior designer) would describe it “the wedding was sophisticated vintage with a whimsical flair!” the invitation suite by eleven note was to die for, and fully captured the essence of glamour and whimsy in each layer.  some of the highlights of the ceremony were the cool paper roses in sea glass bottles, extra-large balloons flanking the aisles, the flower girls carrying extra large crepe paper flowers, and the reclaimed wood arch accented with magnolia and cedar branches supporting a chandelier which hung in the bride’s dining room as a child. right before the entry to the reception there was a beautiful display of handmade paper flowers by renegade designs; it was truly amazing! one of my favorite details was the coolest escort card display ever which consisted of brass lamps as escort card holders (concept by eleven note and execution by bride!) another cool detail was a beautiful string art piece that angel created using the custom logo created by eleven note, which later she is going to display at her new home! i can keep talking about all the details, but i will let you enjoy the photos instead 😉

event coordination: Blush by Brandee Gaar | venue: Bella Collina |videographer: A Moment to Remember | officiant: Pastor Tim Jennings | florist: Weddings by Carly Ane’s | dj: Messina Productions | cake: Party Flavors | lighting: Kaleidoscope Event Lighting | bridesmaids’ dresses: Amsale and Dessy | personalized initial necklaces & handmade paper flower display: Renegade Designs

bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-001 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-002 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-003 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-004 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-005 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-006 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-007 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-008 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-009 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-010 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-011 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-012 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-013 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-014 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-015 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-016 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-017 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-018 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-019 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-020 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-021 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-022 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-023 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-024 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-025 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-026 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-027 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-028 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-029 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-030 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-031 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-032 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-033 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-034 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-035 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-036 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-037 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-038 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-039 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-040 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-041 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-042 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-043 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-044 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-045 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-046 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-047 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-048 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-049 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-050 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-051 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-052 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-053 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-054 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-055 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-056 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-057 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-058 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-059 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-060 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-061 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-062 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-063 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-064 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-065 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-066 bellacollina_wedding_photography__lhphotography 2013-067