Spring Mini Sessions for a Cause

So happy to announce our Spring Mini Portrait Sessions in partnership with The Color Blue and Hope!

They are making big waves to help bring hope to mamas in the journey of bed rest during a high risk pregnancy or the journey of life after infant or pregnancy loss. This is so dear to my heart as I battled with four miscarriages before we had our baby boy Andy. We are donating $15 for every booked session! The mini sessions are for everybody like couples, families, just you, mommy and me, daddy and me, friends, etc. Make sure to fill out the form below for availability and to reserve your spot today! And for the chance to win a free Spring Mini Session, click on the image at the bottom of the page!

[* Session Dates: May 21st and May 28th * Limited spots available * 50% Retainer to reserve your spot.]



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NATALIA’S senior portraits at The Alfond Inn in Winter Park, FL

It’s been a little while since I posted on the blog, and I am getting caught up with the photos I haven’t posted yet so without further due, today I am sharing Natalia’s senior portraits at the Alfond Inn!

Natalia is a natural in front of the camera, and had so many good suggestions for her photos. I love when my clients suggest ideas, and we are able to incorporate them; it makes the photo session so much more personal and tailored to them.

Natalia carefully curated her outfits and accessories to reflect her love for fashion, so we focused on capturing the beautiful outfits she put together, and most importantly her shining personality.

We chose The Alfond Inn because it is one of her favorite landmarks in the Winter Park area, and because she loves visiting and shopping around there. We also captured a couple of shots of her with her little sister Adriana and her family.

Natalia, I wish you the best at UCF and officially welcome you as a “Knight” 😉


Ly Sué

natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-001 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-002 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-003 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-004 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-005 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-006 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-007 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-008 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-009 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-010 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-011 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-012 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-013 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-014 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-015 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-016 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-017 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-018 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-019 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-020 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-021 natalia_seniorportraits_winterpark_www.lh-photo.com 2015-022

MAURICIO’S CAKE SMASH portraits in Lake Nona, FL

When Linnette told me she wanted me to take photos of Mauricio I was thrilled. It seemed like yesterday when I took photos of him as a newborn, and now I was able to document his first year! What an honor!

In addition to Mauricio “smashing” a mini cake, she wanted me to take photos of different things he enjoys along with portraits of just him and his cute expressions. She sewed clouds, the number one, and had several items he liked ready for him to play with at the session, and we had the greatest time capturing him just being himself! The one thing that we did not expect was Mauricio’s reaction to smashing the cake; he was not so thrilled and actually cried! After all, who wants to get their hands dirty right?!

In addition to documenting this big step for Mauricio, Linnette also wanted the photos to be able to create an infographic to give to Mauricio’s birthday party guests as a keepsake. This was a such a great idea, and Siuleth with Eleven Note designed the coolest infographic for them! I love it when my photos get printed and used in unique ways like this!

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the photos to see what she created.

mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-001 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-002 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-003 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-004 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-005 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-006 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-007 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-008 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-009 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-010 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-011 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-012 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-013 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-014 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-015 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-016 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-017 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-018 mauro 1st year portraits ©lhphotography 2014-019


I hope you guys have a great rest of your week!


Ly Sué

NATALIA senior portraits | sneak peek

Just last weekend Natalia, her family, and I met at the Alfond Inn to take her senior portrait photos. Here is a sneak peek of some of the photos we took. Stay tuned for the full post soon!

natalia_senior_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2015-001 natalia_senior_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2015-002 natalia_senior_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2015-003

OTERO SOL family mini portraits

During our Christmas mini sessions, we got the chance to photograph the Otero Sol family. Olivia and Daniela are just full of joy and they love each others company! They also loved having their photos taken specially Olivia who posed for the camera every time! Enjoy these photos guys!

xo, Ly Sué

OTEROSOL_family_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0001 OTEROSOL_family_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0002 OTEROSOL_family_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0003 OTEROSOL_family_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0004

KAUFMANN family mini portraits

Avery had a blast during her Christmas mini portraits. She loved being the center of attention!I loved her beautiful outfit and smile; she is a cutie! I hope you guys enjoy the photos!

xo, Ly Sué

KAUFFMAN_xmas_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0001 KAUFFMAN_xmas_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0002 KAUFFMAN_xmas_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0003 KAUFFMAN_xmas_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0004

HOLLMAN family mini portraits

Here are some of the portraits we captured of the Hollman family during our Christmas mini sessions. Ava and Amanda loved having their photos taken; I think they are models in the making!

Enjoy! xo, Ly Sué

HOLLMAN_family_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-001 HOLLMAN_family_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-002 HOLLMAN_family_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0014 HOLLMAN_family_portraits_lhphotography © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2014-0017

ANTHONY + ANAELI mini xmas portraits

During our Christmas mini sessions, I had the chance to photograph Anthony and Anaeli. They get in all sorts of trouble as most twins do, but they are so cute! I hope you enjoy the photos we took of them!

xo, Ly Sué


AVERY newborn

taking photos of baby avery was a real treat! tara, her mom, is a really good friend of mine, and we kind of share the same obsession of decorating and styling! we had a blast “styling” avery with flowers, peaches, in a collage, and in every possible scenario we could imagine. avery was a real model and pretty much stayed still or sleeping the whole time; i think she might have overdosed in milk, but that’s beside the point! i think the photos came out so cool! let us know what you think below in the comments!

avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-001 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-002 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-003 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-004 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-005 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-006 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-007 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-009 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-010 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-011 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-012 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-013 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-014 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-015 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-016 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-017 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-018 avery_newborn_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-019