Laura + Brian’s Woodsy Engagement Session at Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park, FL

Laura and Brian met in college, and spent their first few years together as friends bonding over their love of food, comedy and the Gators. They started officially dating towards the end of college, and continued to date as they entered into the adult world and learned to navigate their careers and new responsibilities. After dating for 4 years, Brian proposed in the most amazing way! After a leisurely boat ride around the lake, he proposed with a big banner and a beautiful ring. Needless to say they spent the evening celebrating with their family and close friends! As a couple, they love to support and encourage each other as they continue to grow and live life together!



Captured and Engaged Giveaway

Hi there! 2016 sure is off to a great start, and I am beyond thrilled to share some of the exciting projects in the works here at LH PHOTOGRAPHY!
So without further ado… (drumroll, please!)

We’ve partnered with Eleven Note, The Busy Bee Events and Design, and an amazing team of wedding creatives for a unique Engagement Session Series Giveaway called CAPTURED & ENGAGED!  Myself along with a team of hand picked wedding artists will professionally style and photograph the engagement session of four madly in love couples throughout 2016.

Our first giveaway called “Home Is Wherever I’m With You” is an at home engagement session, and you can enter to win today!

Enter the giveaway and read more about our vision below, and stay tuned as we announce the amazing wedding creatives that will be joining us for Captured & Engaged!

How to enter:

Fill out this questionnaire to officially enter

What are your names?

Your Email

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Wedding Date

Wedding Venue

Have you hired any wedding professionals at this point? If so, please list their name(s) and role(s) below:

Attach a picture of yourself and your fiancé doing your favorite activity together at home

Tell us about yourselves, and what do you love most about doing this activity together.

Good luck!!!

The giveaway will close on Feb 8th  2016, and the winner will be announced on Instagram on Feb 14th 2016!

 Our Vision and Inspiration:

Captured & Engaged is the tale of four recently engaged couples deeply captured by their love for one another. It’s a story of their journey of engagement as they prepare to share the rest of their lives together and is designed to inspire other recently engaged couples considering ways to celebrate their love. It provides an opportunity for real couples to share their love stories with the world, told through inspirational compositions designed, styled, and captured by a hand selected team of wedding creatives! Our first giveaway, “Home Is Wherever I’m With You”, will tell the story of a couple through beautiful imagery in an at home setting focusing on their bond and love for one another!

Some terms & conditions:

  • The couple must be available all day in Central Florida the day of the photoshoot on Thursday March 31st 2016.
  • Only one entry per couple
  • This contest is open to all couples over the age of 21
  • Liability will not be assumed for any entries lost in transit or not received due to technical difficulties
  • Couples that have already booked with LH Photography, Eleven Note, or The Busy Bee Events and Design or that are in an existing contract with another photographer, stationer, or event planner cannot apply to win.
  • Only the couple might be present the day of the engagement session.
  • Any travel expenses must be covered by the couple.

Cannot wait to hear from you!


Ly Sué, Siuleth, Shannon, and Jenna


i am so excited to share noella and patrick’s engagement session! they met through mutual friends, and noella’s only requirement and question to her friend prior to setting up the date was if patrick had dogs, and he did so the rest is history, and they are just perfect for each other! noella is an interior designer, and had great props for this bohemian inspired beach engagement session at new smyrna beach. we had a great time styling it together, and wanted to choose 2 locations that best represented the couple since noella is an interior designer and patrick is a lawyer. that’s why we chose new smyrna beach and the sugar mill ruins. also, new smyrna beach is one of their favorite spots to visit so it was perfect to take their engagement photos there. the sugar mill ruins gave us a great background for a more polished look in contrast to the bohemian feel of the beach scene. i hope you enjoy the photos!

1 2 4 5 7 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 24 27 30 33 34 37 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-003 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-006 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-008 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-009 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-010 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-013 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-021 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-022 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-023 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-025 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-026 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-027 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-029 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-030 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-032 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-033 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-036 N+P_engagement_photography_newsmyrna_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-037


i am so excited to share with you guys the save the date shoot we did for the not wedding! as some of you know the not wedding is not your typical wedding show; it’s a bridal show in the form of a fake wedding in which an already married couple can renew their vows, pretty cool right! as part of it, i had the chance to shoot the save the date shoot with an amazing team of vendors (credits below!) who poured their talents to make it so beautiful! thanks guys!!!

this is also how i got to meet tina and roy who flew straight from la for this shoot! they are highschool sweethearts from fl, and one of the most amazing people i’ve had the chance to meet! they’re love is contagious, so it was a breeze to capture these photos for them. later, i found out that the day of our shoot was the day they found out they were pregnant with their first baby! it is so amazing to know that they get to keep and treasure these photos forever; just fills my heart with joy! pssst: the “wine” tina was drinking was sparkling grape juice 😉 tina and roy, i hope you enjoy these images for many years to come!!!! xo ly sué

vendors who made this possible: concept + photography: lh photography | hair and makeup: ali lee artistry | concept: eleven note | stationery and signs: sprinkles design | flowers: cloud 9 wedding flowers | macarons: le macaron french pastries | venues and shops: the venue orlando, east end market, local roots, old inc, porch therapy

thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-001 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-002 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-003

thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-004 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-006 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-007 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-008 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-009 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-010 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-011 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-012 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-013 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-014 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-015 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-016 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-019 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-021 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-022 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-023 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-024 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-025 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-026 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-027 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-028 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-030 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-031 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-032 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-033 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-034 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-035 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-036 thenotwedding_orlando_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-037

RACHEL + ANGEL engaged

rachel is a great friend of mine, and the creative genius behind stems and things. she is also a talented interior designer, and her fiancé angel is an intern architect; yep, a match made in design heaven! as you might know i am also an interior designer, so when i get to combine 2 of my passions i get super excited!!! of course could not have chosen a better place to shoot than the southern college in lakeland with most of it’s buildings designed by one of my favorite architects frank lloyd wright! needless to say, besides the humidity (thanks florida!), we were in architecture and photography heaven! i hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-019engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-018 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-017 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-016 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-015 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-014 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-013 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-012 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-011 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-010 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-009 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-008 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-007 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-006 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-005 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-004 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-003 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-002 engagement_photography_lakeland_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2014-001

BECKA + ROBBI engaged

we (my husband and i) had never met anyone that had started dating their significant other before the 10th grade, which is when we started dating back in the day! up until now!!!!! becka and robbi started dating when they were in 8th grade, can you believe that! and they are still literally inseparable and so darn cute together! our engagement session at wekiva springs was so much fun; we got to get in the super cold refreshing water and had a great time together! i hope you enjoy the photos 🙂

engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-001 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-002 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-003 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-004 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-005 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-006 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-007 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-008 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-009 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-010 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-011 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-012 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-013 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-014 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-015 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-016 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-017 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-018 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-019 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-020 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-021 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-022 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-023 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-024 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-025 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-026 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-027 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-028 engagement_photography_wekivasprings_lhphotography_www.lh-photo.com 2013-029

ANGEL + RYAN engaged

angel has become a good friend since we worked in interior design together (that’s how we met). so I am beyond excited to be able to be part of this phase in their lives! funny story…right before the session, it was storming to the point we were ready to re-schedule then all of a sudden it cleared out and the sun came out shining!…crazy! gotta love florida weather! 🙂

location: kraft azalea park + casa feliz


ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-001 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-002 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-003 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-004 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-005 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-006 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-007 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-008 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-009 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-0010 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-0011 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-0012 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-0013 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-0014 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-0015 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-0016 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-0017 ANGEL & RYAN engagement © LH PHOTOGRAPHY 2012-0018angel has become a good friend since we worked in interior design together (that’s how we met). so I am beyond excited to be able to be part of this phase in their lives! funny story…right before the session, it was storming to the point we were ready to re-schedule then all of a sudden it cleared out and the sun came out shining!…crazy! gotta love florida weather! 🙂